Review: Wodan Security 5. Fachkonferenz Personenschutz


The lightning hits you first!

Than the tremendous shockwave, coming from the terminals.

You are going down, hitting the floor!

Fire, smoke, screaming.

A second explosion.

Now, you know for sure that you are in trouble.

Two in a row aren’t a coincidence.

This is an attack.

You are trying to identify your VIP in the mist of smoke, fire, and bodyparts lying around you.

There he is.

You are crawling towards him.

And the trouble becomes even bigger:

Tac-Tac-Tac… Tac-Tac-Tac-Tac…

The dry and deadly sound of an AK-47.

Maybe more than one.

Hard to guess from here.

You reach your VIP.

Shit, his leg is badly hurt.

A lot of blood.

He won’t be able to run.

Maybe not even to walk.

Tac-Tac… Tac-Tac-Tac-Tac…

They are getting closer.

Your VIP grabs you: „Help me!“

So, what will you do?

Welcome in the world of Wodan Security Tactical Training!

Wodan Security: The most realistic tactical training

After visiting the 2nd International Bodyguard Conference by Wodan Security, Wodan CEO Ralf Kassner and I kept in touch.

He shared some highly valuable insights with me about how close protection services and special operations forces really work.

These insights helped me a lot to write crucial scenes of my upcoming thriller as realistic as possible.

And to create credibility for my novel‘s main character (a former SOF unit member).

Then, Ralf called me again: „We do another conference. This time in Germany!“

And yes, I thought, that joining them again, would be even more helpful to understand the world of special operations better. 

So, that is what this article is about.

This is my review of another Wodan Security event.

The Wodan Security 5. Fachkonferenz Personenschutz

Let‘s start right away!

Author Thomas Lojek

My crime fiction novel will be out in 2020!

Wodan Security: A worldwide reputation

Wodan Security, Germany, has a worldwide reputation of providing highly regarded tactical training events with the most realistic trainings scenarios possible.

With their down-to-earth and no-nonsense training style, and exclusively supervised by former counter-terror SOF unit members, Wodan Security is a one of a kind provider for realistic tactical training events in Europe.

This summer, the 2nd International Bodyguard Conference (2017), was a huge success, and brought Wodan Security a wide-spread reputation for realizing some of the finest tactical trainings with some the best instructors out there.

Last week, Wodan Security was hosting the 5. Fachkonferenz Personenschutz (5th Conference for Close Protection Professionals) in Duisburg, Germany, a city close to Dortmund and Cologne.

On the conference’s agenda: Counter-terror tactics for close protection service professionals.

Realistic and highly demanding scenarios

So, you may wonder, why we started this article with such a bang?

Well, let’s be honest: These days, a scenario like the one described above can happen anytime, anywhere and in every airport in Europe or around the word.

Remember Brussels? Remember Istanbul?

If you are a close protection service unit member, you better be prepared for a scenario like this, especially if you have to travel a lot with your VIP.

This is why Wodan Security put similar scenarios on the agenda of the 5th Fachkonferenz Personenschutz – to confront its attendees with very realistic and highly demanding training scenarios, that really could happen anytime during their working shift.

© by Peter Busch, Neuss

Ralf Kassner, CEO Wodan Security, delivering his opening speech of the conference.

Why teamwork and briefings matter!

It’s great to be a bodyguard, right?

Hanging around with celebrities in glamorous places.

Cool drinks during the day, and hot chicks at night.

Guess what?

Most of the time you are hanging around in quite dusty places and even more time you will spend on traveling.

And surprise, surprise: Following a career in close protection service means also having a lot of organizational tasks, paper work and team-briefings.

Therefore, on the 5th FKPS your friendly host Wodan Security prepared you for the dusty reality and made sure you get very quickly that the most important things in close protection services are not the drinks and the chicks but having a plan and briefing your team.

So, this conference started with getting you into everything you need to know while traveling with your VIP around the world.

© by Peter Busch, Neuss

And of course, there were… team briefings.

Sometimes your team and a plan is all you got, when the shit hits the fan.

You better make sure that everybody knows what to do and that everybody knows exactly when why and where he

has to take over his specific role in your team.

This is something you have to learn and to train.

With the same dedication like you are training your firearms skills on the shooting range whenever you get the opportunity.

Theoretical stuff and team building skills may sound dull but are essential for close protection services.

Wodan Security delivered several exercises and team works regarding very specific and common scenarios in close protection services.

Every team had to develop a plan and to make sure that the group fully understand their roles and all consequences of their decisions.

© by Peter Busch, Neuss

Later on, Ralf Kassner explained various outcomes and ways to handle common situations.

© by Peter Busch, Neuss

Ralf Kassner invited several experts from different branches of close protection services: military, law enforcement and civilians/private sector.

Every instructor could share many years of real operational experience all around the world, so all classes and lectures were quite fascinating as well as profound and highly valuable, even for seasoned pros.

A big part of the agenda were topics about terroristic activities and common terror threats.

© by Peter Busch, Neuss

Let’s hope, you will never see this guy too close to you!

But with its conference program Wodan Security made sure that at least you will walk into your job with a solid capability to identify possible suicide bombing attempts and react properly before they are getting too close to you and your VIP.

Suicide bombers are a very tough topic and the nightmare of every close protection professional, therefore Wodan Security covered it extensively.

Wodan Security’s strength of having military SOF and police SOF unit members with real operational experience in its rank played out very effectively, here.

Through Wodan’s well picked instructor team the conference’s attendees had access to real world advice regarding suicide bombing attempts and other terror-attacks – gained through many years of real life operational field experience.

The training starts

© by Peter Busch, Neuss

Everyone gets prepared for the training runs.

Role-plays and tactical training drills will deepen what the attendees have learned so far.

© by Peter Busch, Neuss

Members oft the German law enforcement unit „Polizei“ were joining the training.

© by Peter Busch, Neuss

Okay, everybody seems ready.

Let’s start the action!

© by Peter Busch, Neuss

Wodan Security had set up various training scenarios.

One scenario was a terror attack on an airport, like the one that we have described above.

© by Peter Busch, Neuss

To put the trainees under heavy and most realistic forms of stress the scenarios had to been carried out under low light conditions, smoke and acoustic distractions.

© by Peter Busch, Neuss

To make the scenarios even more stressful Wodan has placed actors into the training runs to model casualties with real blood and simulated flesh wound that the attendees had to take care for.

© by Peter Busch, Neuss

Team work was absolutely necessary to pass the scenarios.

The teams also had to pass through various evacuation scenarios with random threats.

The training runs were reviewed in several briefings to max out every possible lesson the trainees could take from here.

© by Peter Busch, Neuss

Handling injuries and practice tactical medical solutions for VIPs or team-mates were part of the training runs.

© by Peter Busch, Neuss

During the scenarios attendees had to make difficult and complex decisions under stress.

That’s a big part of Wodan Security’s training philosophy:

Perform tasks under stress while facing complex decisions.

© by Peter Busch, Neuss

And finally, the 2-day course ended with a training to defend against attacks with knives and machetes, a new common form of terror attacks used by lone wolf terrorists.

Conclusion: 5. Fachkonferenz Personenschutz

Wodan Security did it again!

For the 5th Fachkonferenz Personenschutz Wodan was able to bring highly competent instructors from military and law enforcement background together and to set up high class tactical training courses.

All classes before the tactical training runs were excellent, and they added a lot of theoretical background with practical implications to the training.

The tactical training runs were on a „SOF level“ of quality.

Demanding, realistic and very well planned upfront by Wodan Security with dedication to detail and the will to push attendees with constant stress and surprises out of their comfort zone.

Again, a great training event by Wodan Security!

We are looking forward to the not yet confirmed but most likely coming 3rd International Bodyguard Conference in summer 2018.

Wodan Security’s events are keeping up their excellent track record of delivering high quality trainings for everyone who is serious about his tactical training.

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