Review: GTI Government Training Institute

GTI Government Training Institute:

Cutting-edge special operations training in one of the worlds most advanced training facility.

GTI Research Based Training:

A staff of operational military and law enforcement instructors with hundreds of combined years of experience in special operations.

Exclusive insights:

GTI’s impressive training center in South Carolina.

Read my extensive review of Government Training Institute’s unique state-of-the-art training facility for tactical training and special operations.

Author Thomas Lojek

Preface: The best part of GTI is…

The GTI Joint Operations Center is more or less a small town.

Exclusively built for tactical training in law enforcement, military and special operations.

Europe isn‘t exactly stone age when it comes to SOF, with units like SAS, GSG9, Swiss Guards, Col Moshin or RAID.

But GTI is such an impressive and complex training facility, that I felt a little envy… and bit lost on our „old continent“!

Anyway, these feelings faded quickly.

Because I learned right away, that the best part of GTI are the people.

GTI is not just a complex training ground.

GTI is a team of experts and higly skilled instructors, who are so friendly, patient and down to earth, that I spent a lot of time to learn more about this impressive place and its history, just because I enjoyed to work with the people of GTI.

But to make one thing very clear right away:

If you are one of the bad guys… don‘t try their patience. Really, don’t!

This article, a review of the GTI Joint Operations Center, is the first part of series, that will tell you the story of this great place.

Of the people who run it, and why it matters to much, that they run it.

The saftey of our modern societies is not something that comes easy.

It is earned.

It is earned by the hard work of people like the ones who get up in the morning to open the gates of places like GTI.

I am a writer. I don‘t put my life into the line, like many of these men and women are doing it everyday.

But I am thankful, that they do it. Really.

And yes, I am a writer. It means, that I talk to much, I know.

You wanted a review of GTI.

That‘s why you are here?

Okay, let‘s do it!

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GTI Government Training Institute: An extensive review

Okay, I want you to relax for a moment.

Please, lean back, close your eyes and start to imagine the perfect place for your tactical training!

You can add everything you want to this picture in your mind.

Every feature that you could wish to have available for a training location.

Every scenario you could imagine to train for, or skill set to master.

Create your own tactical wonderland within your imagination!

Do you have it?

Okay, take the picture of this perfect training wonderland in your mind, and whatever you see: Triple it up!

And now, open your eyes, and let me welcome you to:

GTI Government Training Institute

Yes. GTI is nothing less than the incarnation of your “tactical dreams”.

And for this review, we will take a you there, to show you why it is one of the world’s most highly regarded facilities for tactical training.

Ready? Let’s go!

GTI: A massive training complex in the heart of South Carolina

Whenever you dream about the one perfect place to get the best and most sophisticated tactical training for military and law enforcement tactics, let me assure you: GTI is the closest bet of getting all your wishes fulfilled in the real world.

GTI is a massive training complex in the heart of South Carolina, equipped with the best installations for tactical training ranging from courses for daily police work up to sophisticated special operation trainings for military SOF.

Founded in 2003 and run by an excellent team of world class instructors – and by the way, very friendly and down to earth guys – GTI is a place you should visit at least once in your life, if you are in any profession that needs tactical training.

But let’s cut the talk, and have a look around at the GTI training facility.

I am pretty sure, you will agree very quickly, that GTI is a highly impressive installment for tactical training!

GTI Government Training Institute: An overview

The GTI Joint Operations Center (JOC) is a radiologically sterile former nuclear fuels processing plant.

That means nothing less than: You can train inside a real nuclear complex!

It is the only training center of its kind in the United States and unparalleled anywhere else!

The whole complex has 750 acres and over ½ million square feet of training structures (!!).

All buildings at the GTI Joint Operations Center offer a highly flexible and diverse training environment – every single one is 360 Simunition® and SRTA capable.

Internal and external breach points allow for manual, ballistic, exothermic, and explosive breaches.

Let’s take a look at what we are talking about:

This is the GTI main building.

The main building is nine story above and below ground industrial complex, that can be used for a wide range of training scenarios.

Looks pretty impressive, right?

Later, we will take a closer look at the main building again, and of what kinds of trainings you will find here.

For now, let’s wander around a bit more, because even when you think, that the main building seems to be a very impressive installation for tactical training, there will be a lot more to discover at GTI.

As you can see here: It is a huge terrain, and offers several shooting ranges, a second building and various training grounds for all kind of scenarios.

Training for any common (and uncommon) scenario!

This is the ten story above ground industrial complex of GTI.

On this site, you will see a lot of highly demanding SOF trainings for nearly every thinkable scenario that could happen on similar terrains and buildings all around the world.

The ten story building offers training opportunities for many common scenarios like hostage rescue, close protection and counter terrorism.

The industrial character of the site can be used to train complex incidents, or to create highly stressful conditions.

Even trainings of military special operation scenarios with helicopters and a variable number of teams involved are possible on this site.

And this applies to the whole area: In general, the GTI Joint Operations Center has the capability to support complex full mission profile training scenarios to test, train and evaluate an entire task force.

Or to provide targeted skill set trainings from simple to most difficult levels.

In other words: Some serious SOF stuff is happening here!

Wait… there is still more!

If you are thinking now: “Wow, this is really a hell of a training ground!”, then will I ask you to follow us a bit more … because there is still a lot more to see.

This is the sniper range of GTI.

Looks quite impressive, right?

The sniper range stretches over 800 yards (expanding out to 1200 yards) and meets even the highest military standards.

On the GTI range you will meet snipers from all branches of military and law enforcement.

Not bad, eh? It is quite a view from here.

GTI has its own lake for trainings: A 50 Million Gallon Water Structure, capable of Helocast Operations!

A great overview of the whole area, and how it is zoned in individual training grounds.

Oh… wait… there’s one more thing!

Even if you are thinking, that this couldn’t get better anymore… well, you are wrong!

Take a good look at this:

Do you see the impressive road structure?

Yes… exactly… We know, what you are thinking!

And you are right: This was made for diver training!

At GTI you will find 1.5 miles of driver’s heaven!

If you ever dreamed about advanced driver training that meets even the highest special operation standards: This is your place!

On the roads of GTI you can train every thinkable scenario that involves vehicles.

Ambush scenarios, counter-ambush vehicle tactics, counter-terrorism training, common scenarios of law enforcement, and advanced driver training for special operations and close protection services.

At GTI you can train for everything that involves driving and all kinds vehicles.

But, now let’s get back to the main building! A lot of interesting stuff awaits you there!

A review of the GTI main building

The GTI main building is where the “fun” begins… the nine story industrial complex is a perfect place for CQC training.

Every day, SWAT units train evacuation and entry tactics in and around the building.

If you need a helicopter for your training: Here it is!

Inside the building, every common (and uncommon) CQC scenario for SWAT and SOF can be trained. Night and day!

Do you need 24/7 night vision training within the building? Can be arranged.

Do you want to train advanced room entries, clearing tactics, hostage scenarios? The GTI team can set up every thinkable scenario for teams of all sizes and from all branches of military, law enforcements and close protection services.

Even the worst and most stressful scenarios like large-scale attacks, terrorism involving toxic gas, biochemical weapons, or buildings on fire can be simulated.

More for your tactical training

If you need more than one helicopter: Can be arranged!

GTI has multiple certified helipad – MH53/CH47 capable – helicopter landing zones.

GTI offers four story rappelling towers for individual trainings.

With fast rope arms breaching doors and windows!

And last but not least, GTI has its own advanced K9 instructions courses.

Of course, GTI has its own seminar and class rooms, for theoretical training and background education.

What should you know about GTI?

GTI is serious business.

All instructors of GTI are bringing an impressive track record of many years in special operations into their trainings.

And it is real world stuff.

Proven by real-life combat experience in law enforcement and US military operations all around the world.

If you are arriving at GTI with the idea, that you are the next hot tactical ninja, soon to be ready for his own Youtube channel, then you better look somewhere else.

Because you won’t last very long at GTI.

GTI stands for working with law enforcement units and military personnel on a highly professional level. No Youtube B.S., here!

Also, every single civilian course is taken very seriously, and will be carried out very carefully with a lot of attention to detail and real world application.

There is no room for wannabe ninjas and part-time Rambos at GTI.

But if you are ready to work very hard, honest and seriously, with a strong will to learn and to listen while showing the right professional attitude, you will meet some of the most respected instructors of the whole industry at GTI.

GTI: What else to know?

GTI is located in the middle of a triangle between Columbia & Charleston (South Carolina) and Savannah (Georgia).

Route 278, 78 and 301 are close, and from there you have to travel a few miles more, but the landscape alone is worth the time.

If your federal budgets are tight, don’t worry: GTI has a very innovative program to help you out!

GTI calls it “Asset Trading Program”, and it was brought into life, to benefit underfunded law enforcement agencies by utilizing their forfeited-seized assets, and surplus law enforcement equipment to provide funds for trainings at GTI.

Please, consult the GTI homepage to learn more about their “Asset Training Program” and about the GTI training schedule.

You will find the link down below this article.


GTI is a state-of-the-art institution for tactical training, with impressive installations, a huge terrain, countless training opportunities, and a team of instructors with a level of real-world combat experience, that is hard to find somewhere else.

GTI is unique and impressive. Period. It is without doubt one of the best and most versatile training facility worldwide. What you have seen so far speaks clearly for itself.

If you have any kind of professional demand for serious tactical training (or a serious interest in civilian firearm training), then GTI is the right place for you. Even if you may have to travel from another state or even from overseas: It’s worth it.

Please, check out their training schedule (link below) and try out for yourself.

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