Review: ATAC Anti Terror Academy Czech Republic

Meet some of the the best tactical trainers and SOF experts on one of Europe’s most sought-after training grounds!

Tactical training, kill house, sniper training, urban assaults tainings, and real SOF scenarios. 

An extensive review by Thomas Lojek!

Author Thomas Lojek

I have spend some time at ATAC during a training event in 2017.

And I was really impressed by the professionalism of this highly advanced training facility for tactical training and SOF. 

ATAC‘s team and supervisors are great people who really know what matters at a place like this, but also make you feel welcome all the time.

The facility and its terrain is very flexible and can run a wide range of scenarios and meet many SOF scenarios.

It is great to have an institution like ATAC in the heart of Europe.

Because we need it.

And we need people like the guys of ATAC who are great company, but also very clear in their mission:

Making SOF better!

(c) ATAC Anti Terror Academy

ATAC Anti Terror Academy: A Review

ATAC Anti Terror Academy in Stod, Czech Republic, is without any doubt one of Europes best training facility for special forces and close protection professionals.

ATAC is an impressive installation that meets all needs for advanced tactical training.

Europe’s best special forces fly in regularly to train and develop new tactics at ATAC.

You will also find a wide range of seminars for close protections professionals held by leading instructors of tactical training.

(c) ATAC Anti Terror Academy

To be frankly: ATAC is not your common shooting range.

What happens here is the real deal: It is a high-end training facility for Special Forces and military personnel.

You will need to have an background in military, SOF or several years in close protection services to get an appointment.

Under the label ATAC only governmental special forces are allowed to train. 

ATAC was made for advanced trainings, not for your friendly family weekend with some sports shooting dudes.

But if you get in, you will find the best there is!

ATAC Anti Terror Academy: Where to find it?

We were able to take a closer look to the ATAC facilities during the 2nd International Bodyguard Conference by Wodan Security (Ralf Kassner, Germany).

ATAC is located in Stod, Czech Republic, close to the German border.

The location is quite an advantage for ATAC and its customers.

Stod is very well located and close to Prague, Munich, Vienna, Dresden – so, we are talking about just a 2 hour ride by car from some of the major cities in Central Europe.

Even if you have to travel from Berlin or Frankfurt, you will be made it easily in less than 3 hours, because you can travel the distance straight on Germany’s biggest highways.

If you want to come in by flight, your best shot will be Prague, that is located less than 30 minutes from Stod.

So, the location is quite an advantage.

(c) Google Maps

Stod itself is a nice small town and well connected.

The ATAC training facility is located just a few minutes out of the town and it is very easy to find.

If in doubt, you can ask anyone in Stod how to get there – everybody knows the place.

The ATAC training center itself is a former military facility.

(c) ATAC Anti Terror Academy

ATAC: If there is any safe place in the world… 

Regulations for firearms and trainings are very favorable in Czech Republic.

Therefore, you do not have to worry: You will find everything you need at ATAC, when you looking for some serious stuff in tactical training and special forces tactics.

The place is highly armed and secured.

You don’t have to worry about bringing your best equipment to ATAC.

If there is any „safe place“ in the world, ATAC will come fairly close to it!

Filled up with police officers, special forces operators and security professionals you really don’t have to worry about anything, even not if you forget your equipment at one place.

Safety regulations are taken serious at ATAC and they will be monitored by the staff extensively, which is a good thing, because it assures a safe and professional training environment for everyone.

(c) ATAC Anti Terror Academy

Overnight-guests can book some basic but really comfortable rooms and teams can have some nice hang outs for the night at the ATAC bar with table football, bowling and darts.

(c) ATAC Anti Terror Academy

ATAC was founded by Miroslav Pasterčík

Ralf Kassner, Miroslav Pasterčík, Instructor Zero (c) by ATAC 

ATAC was founded by Miroslav Pasterčík in 2002, with a main focus on training of foreign units.

Miroslav Pasterčík has many years of experience of special units and security operations worldwide: Europe, USA, Middle East.

He was for six years a member of Presidium of Czech Detective Chamber and is very well connected in the world of Special Forces around the globe.

Therefore, you can be sure, that everything you will find in ATAC meets the latest and highest standards of Special Forces training.

Miroslav Pasterčík • ATAC

Miroslav oversees many trainings in ATAC and maintains a very high standard in organisazion and security for all teams, participants and instructors.

If you need something during the trainings or you need a highly customized setup for your training needs – you can be sure, that Miroslav will make it happen.

The whole team of ATAC is very professional.

You will meet very experienced former special forces members and security professionals who really understand what it takes to create a great training environment.

And after all: There is always a great barbecaue waiting for you!

The ATAC Shooting Ranges: Review

(c) ATAC Anti Terror Academy

The first shooting range at ATAC is the largest one.

(c) ATAC Anti Terror Academy

It is quite an impressive installation.

There is a lot of space for any kind of shooting scenario: cars, assaults, moving targets, groups.

(c) ATAC Anti Terror Academy

(c) ATAC Anti Terror Academy

A tunnel leads directly to range No. 1 and can also be used for all kinds of training scenarios – from snipers to car assaults.

(c) ATAC Anti Terror Academy

There are also towers for sniper training.

(c) ATAC Anti Terror Academy

Range 2 is a bit smaller but still a very good range for many drills and scenarios.

This where most close quarters battle drills happen.

The Kill House of ATAC 

The highlight of the facility is the Kill House.

Many say that ATAC’s Kill House is the best there is in Europe.

(c) ATAC Anti Terror Academy

The ATAC kill house is highly adoptable to many scenarios.

(c) ATAC Anti Terror Academy

Room entries, hostage scenarios, active shooter trainings… you name it.

The kill house of ATAC will serve to train every scenario SOF, law enforcements and close protection have to face regularly.

(c) ATAC Anti Terror Academy

As a special feature the ATAC kill house can provide low light and no light scenarios even during the day.

If you need to train room entries and tactical scenarios on an advanced level the ATAC Kill House is the place to go.

The ATAC Training Courses

I have been at ATAC during the 2nd International Bodyguard Conference by Wodan Security (Ralf Kassner, Germany) feat. Instructor Zero.

It was a great event of highly advanced tactical training supervised by well-known instructors like Ralf Kassner (former GSG9/SEK, CEO of Wodan Security, Germany), Instructor Zero (Team Zero, Italy), Paul Bonnici (Elite Spartan Tactical Concept, Malata), Paolo Simone (Team Zero, Italy).

ATAC also provides its own training courses of tactical training and tactical shooting.

(c) ATAC Anti Terror Academy

The Universal Warrior Course by ATAC

The Universal Warrior course has been developed by professionals from real special forces units.

The Universal Warrior course takes 96 hours and puts the participants under tremendous physical and psychological pressure.

The course is supervides by a top team of spec ops instructors, specialists, physicians and psychologists.

(c) ATAC Anti Terror Academy

The SpecOps course is an extraordinary program of complex tactics, advanced shooting exercises, VIP protection and medical training.


The ATAC shooting courses are tactical shooting trainings for close protection professionals, law enforcements and on request for trained civilians.

ATAC Courses C

Under the label ‘C’ you will find some ATAC training seminars that are open for civilians.

Please, get in touch with the ATAC team for further information about specific requirements for joining ATAC’s C seminars.

Get some more information about all ATAC training courses here:

The ATAC training courses

The SF-UCS Program

The SF-UCS is a program created by ATAC and offers training procedures that come from more than 30 years of experience in real-world operations. 

It guarantees high efficiency, next level professionalism and super-high standards of combat readiness for special forces. 

In its core the SF-UCS Program is an improvement of an operator‘s physical condition, psychological endurance, and his combat skills under stress. 

SF-UCS comes in 7 difficulty levels and was made to shape modern warriors to gain highly flexible combat readiness under stressful operational conditions.

Learn more here:

SF-UCS Program Homepage

(c) ATAC Anti Terror Academy


ATAC Anti Terror Academy is an impressive installation for advanced tactical training.

If you are a close protection professional, security professional or SOF member and looking for next level training than ATAC should be on top of your list.

The ATAC team is great, very professional and will help you to get the best possible training experience.

The facility will meet all your needs, regardless if you come for SOF, close protection or military training.

All shooting areas are highly adoptable to any kind of training, the Kill House alone is worth to visit ATAC.

And if you need even more the ATAC team will help you to set up any training environment you need.

ATAC is a great training facility in every aspect and we highly recommend it to everyone who is serious about his tactical training.


This is an independent review. 

ATAC provided some images and some introduction into their facilities and services during my visit and I would like to say “Thank you!” for the dedication and patience of the whole ATAC team.

But there is no business affiliation between ATAC and me or this website.

Therefore, this is a free and independent review of ATAC and its services.

Also, I would like to thank Ralf Kassner and Wodan Security to invite us to the 2nd International Bodyguard Conference at ATAC. 

As well as I would like to thank to Team Zero, Instructor Zero, Paolo Simone and Paul Bonnici for their help and support during the training these days.

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